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Basement Framing

Remodeling with drywall is quick and easy, especially when you hire the Patch and Paint Pros.Needed to finish my basement—these guys Spackled, Taped, Sealed, Primed, Painted, Added Corner beads, Added a Drop Ceiling, Baseboard and Window Moldings—friendliest customer oriented contractor I’ve ever worked with…unbelievable work for an unbelievable price…the basement walls look like butter!! Flawless painting! Would highly recommend and I will be using Patch and Paint Pros for my next project without a doubt.We offer all kinds of residential framing services and we have years of experience framing all types of basements. If you’re looking to finish your basement, we are your best bet.

What is Basement Framing?

Pretty much like the name describes, basement framing is the framing of the exterior walls that come in front of the foundation wall, and interior partitions where the drywall are fixed into. Basement framing sometimes contains essential structural elements like bearing points that transfer the force load from the ground floor, down to the foundation.

If your basement is ready to be framed, it’s time for us framing guys to come in. We generally have two ways of basement framing: the first one is we fix the top and bottom tracks then fixing the studs in between, or build each frame section on the ground and fixing it into place, sort of like a prefabrication work.

The first step is we square each room and layout the location of the bottom plates then we transfer the layout of the bottom plate to the top plate using a laser level.

Now that the lines are laid, we then fasten the bottom plate to the concrete together with a vapor barrier in between to protect the wood from moisture. We then check whether the floor and ceiling is leveled all throughout so we will know the height of each stud.

The top plates are fastened onto the ceiling joists then we install each vertical stud into place. We make sure that the stud’s fit is not snugly in place, measure twice but cut only once.

During this time the basement walls begin to go up and the rooms begin to take shape. Your contractor will also frame any bulkheads needed in the basement during this time. Bulkheads are the framing which go around pre-existing conditions on your basement ceilings.A basement finish relies upon several skilled trades to accomplish a quality job. With that there comes a certain amount of unexpected surprises. Be aware your contractor may not be there every single day as a needed trade might have been delayed at a previous job.

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