Drywall Installation in Cincinnati

Installing Drywall Ceilings

A team composed of professional drywall repair specialists is serving for years. We are serving drywall installation in Cincinnati. You will see notable excellence in our work. Patch King drywall makes you feel proud of your choice. Client satisfaction is our main objective. In case you are looking for high quality and best results in drywall installation in Cincinnati choose us. We deal in all kinds of drywall installations. Our great work is our strength and pride.

We have organized a team of professionals for installing drywall ceilings in Cincinnati. Patching is all up to resolve the issues of your old, damaged, or dirty ceiling. The well-trained and well-experienced staffs give strength to our work. An easy online booking system is available to make drywall installation easy and quick for you. Book your appointment and make your work done as easy as a smile.

Our Services includes

• Gypsum, stucco, green board installation.
• Drywall hanging includes ceiling installation.
• Drywall taping and mud fixing.
• Crown melding process
• Wood panelling installation
• Painting
• Finishing touches

Drywall installation

Our professionals are trained enough to install drywall in your new home or to fix it in an old home. The initial step is to take proper measurements. The accurate the measurements will be the perfect the drywall will be installed. Secondly, it is very important to cover all electrical wires and plumbing through proper material to keep it all safe and sound.

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The installation service is divided into measuring, cutting, hanging drywall to your exact specification. After hanging the drywall, we double-check for all electrical wires and plumbing paths to make sure they are working fine. The ending includes the painting of drywall according to your favorite color. How could we forget the final touches? Final touches are given at the end.

Drywall replacement

Has any water leakage damaged your ceiling or drywall? Does it start looking dull and ugly?
No worries at all. We are here to provide you with the best drywall repair service. Our home improvement professionals gladly refresh your home with needed drywall replacements. Reach us to make your old-looking home new and fresh.

Finishing touches

Patch king drywall offers a variety of services under the label of finishing touches. We offer you multiple colors for room painting. Patch king complimentarily hang all your wall paintings, LED, and frames back on your wall.

Patch king is all available for big home remoulds to small drywall repairs and replacements. If you are looking for some professionals to do your drywall project contact patch king.


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