Fire-Resistant Drywall Installation

Free-Resistence Drywall Installation

Drywall provides a stable, uniform, and consistent surface for walls and ceilings. Typically, walls and ceilings are framed as squares or rectangles. Sometimes rooms are framed in a way that creates odd shapes that require the drywall installer to cut and install drywall at different angles. Whether the angle is overhead on the ceiling, or on a vertical wall, it is not difficult to install drywall at an angle. It is critical that you measure and cut the drywall properly before you attempt to install it.

Drywall is one of the easiest-to-use and cheapest construction materials in the world. Even a serious mistake will make you chuckle, knowing you’ve wasted little time and probably less than five bucks. And the money you save handling the task yourself will come in handy when furnishing that new room.

In commercial building construction, the flow or sequence of critical work is relatively consistent. It typically begins with excavation and foundation work, followed by the supporting or superstructure, floors and roof. Immediately following the completion of floors is the framing of interior corridors or “interference” wall framing. There are basically two types of interior wall framing: primary, corridor or interference walls; and secondary, or partition walls.

For top-down gypsum wallboard installation, prior to complete enclosure of the structure, the Northwest Wall and Ceiling Bureau recommends that mold- and-water resistant gypsum board products be substituted for standard gypsum wallboard. All major gypsum board manufacturers provide mold- and moisture-resistant gypsum panels, whether they are paper-faced products that have specially formulated mold- and moisture-resistant face paper and back papers, or Glass-Mat gypsum panel products. Both types of gypsum panels may be used in top-down construction provided they are afforded minimal protection from water runoff, which is typically generated by overhead floor construction.

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