Moisture-Proof Drywall Installation Cincinnati

Moisture Proof Drywall Installation/Repair

We have experienced drywall repair/installation specialists. Our work shows the experience and professionalism itself. King patch is offering drywall installation and repair. We are serving moisture proof drywall installation in Cincinnati. You are just a call away from our remarkable services…

Patch king pride in its work. Customer satisfaction leads our priority list. Quality work is guaranteed. Our well-equipped staffs are fully trained to provide you supreme quality services. All you need to do is to book your appointment with our online booking system. We are just a few steps away to give your sweet home a better look.

Moisture drywall does not need to be repaired always. If you address the problem timely and the amount of water penetration is not great, you may salvage it.

What do we do?

We provide you highly experienced workers for moisture proof drywall installation in Cincinnati. We can also fix your property damage, by offering multiple drywall paneling services. Our trained manpower will identify and report the source of mold, and its growth by using the latest metering systems.

Our certified professionals
• identify the source of moisture
• Evaluate the mold growth
• reduce damage to the smallest area possible
• remove all contamination
• Dry up the material completely to make sure the mold will not get back.
• Give suggestions and do procedures to return the property to pre-loss condition.

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    How to Dry Moisture Drywall?

    The initial step is to identify the source of water penetration. Once if the source got identified, the whole damage can be fixed. To identify the main spot our experts will observe the area all around the damage carefully. We may get some clues such as rusted screws, water stains, or other signs of moisture in the house to identify the source of leakage.

    Patch King drywall workers will not only visually identify the penetration sources. However, they will be fully equipped with the latest specialized machinery to identify moisture sources. if the wall cannot be dried up by just wiping up, we will consider air moving equipment.

    Factors to consider…

    The safety of the life and property of our customer is very important for us. We break down the circuit first. Our workers will make sure the safety and security of your home and its appliances while working there.

    Caution: Drywall can be dangerous!!
    If the damage is extensive, contact a repair specialist immediately. Don’t let the wall or ceiling gets collapsed. Another alarming situation is that if sewage is included in this penetration. In this case, not only moisture repaired is required but a special biohazard clean-up is mandatory.