Plaster Installation

Plaster Installation

Drywall, otherwise known as gypsum board, is gypsum plaster sandwiched between two pieces of heavy paper. This is a much more efficient way to create plaster walls and ceilings, because installing drywall is far easier than working with wet plaster. In new construction, working with drywall will literally save days or weeks of work when compared to traditional plaster.
Installing drywall is a relatively straightforward process, but not a simple one. The first step is to frame the walls using studs – this is basically the skeleton of the wall. After the walls are framed, the drywall is measured and cut to fit the space, and holes are cut to accommodate pipes or wiring. The installers then hang the drywall by fastening them to the studs. Finally, the installers “finish” the drywall by filling the spaces between the sheets of drywall with spackle and drywall tape. The drywall must also be sanded to create a smooth, even surface that is suitable for painting.

Plaster is a higher end wall finish due to the training, skill and labour it requires. With plaster, you can create a textured wall that no other wall can match! Although it may not be the best energy efficient option it does provide more of a sound barrier than drywall and a look like no other. Plaster is a very common option for ceiling designs and they add a truly beautiful design in your home.

Has moisture damage or years of wear made your walls look drab? If your drywall is damaged beyond repair, our home improvement professionals will gladly refresh your home with needed drywall replacement. Reach out to your local Mr. Handyman, and we can schedule a convenient time to come in and get started on your new drywall installation.

Drywall repair and finishing have to be our most requested small project. Whether you have a small crack on the stairway drywall because you nicked the wall carrying a couch, or you have to replace a whole wall of drywall due to water damage, we will take care of it. We can also repair lath and plaster walls, which are most commonly found in older homes. We’ll repair it right and make it look better than new.

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